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  Installing OTCv8 + minimap

It is possible to unlock full Greed map?

Today I created a tutorial for those OTClientV8 users who want to enter the server and who want to have the minimap fully unlocked. Our map is unique, and immense, therefore it will be of great help.

How to do it?

Follow our tutorial, and in simple steps, you will have everything installed correctly.

submitted by GOD Ralke

  We're back!

A fresh new start on Greed

I haven't announced it but we closed Greed the whole April month. And tomorrow, 23th April we're back online! We have changed many things in our server according to the users feedback received while the server ran at the beginning of the year. In simple words, the changes are:

April changelogs

A complete rework of Thais, adding a massive amount of new hunting zones. I attached an image below of the Snake Tower guildhouse so you guys can see how much it changed compared to real map Thais.

A complete rework of our upgrade system. We have deleted a lot of attributes that wasn't what we seek to make a perfect balance between vocations. This led us to the following table of attributes: It's important to mention that every item that drops from monsters will be unidentified, and according to that fact, every player will start with an identification wand to reveal items hidden attributes.

A rework of upgrading system runes, you will be able to only obtain fossil runes from daily quests, and upgrading runes from tasks. You can also get enchantment runes, cleansing runes, faith runes, fortune runes, and alteration runes by using an extraction hammer on fossil runes.

There's also a few more tasks on Grizzly Adams (ex.: rotworms, cyclops); now every addon can be obtained at Maroda; added many items to our exchanger Nhadala; added an automatic system that boosts aleatory monsters by a 30% of extra experience and loot every 24h; increased the amount of daily quests to 41; added two new infinite food items to our shop offer; reworked every addon bonus; and added the possibility to obtain legendary items (with two enchantment slots) from main questline.

Be prepared to join us at, 
23th April 7:00 a.m. (GMT-4).

submitted by GOD Ralke

  Welcome to Greed Online!

"Greed Online is a custom server built on TFS 1.5 downgrade 8.60 and Znote AAC. Everything in our server is unique, you start in a fresh brand-new map made from scratch with three  custom cities: Kilika, Mi'hen and Thais"

How to enter?
It's really simple, just download your favourite Tibia IP Changer and enter the IP "", mark your port as 7171, mark the client protocol as AUTO or 8.6, open your Tibia 8.6 and press "change IP".

We got amazing systems, such as: monster levels, equipment upgrading, automatic boss respawn, 100% scripted real tibia quests (pits of inferno, inquisition, wrath of the emperor, svargrond arena, etc.), killing in the name of... with bosses room, backpacks and bags as ammunition quivers, conditioned training areas, and much more...  

Be prepared to join us at
25 February 2023 (7:00 a.m GMT-3 Chile)

submitted by GOD Ralke