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Greed Online is a custom server built on TFS 1.5 downgrade 8.60 from Nekiro, Znote AAC, and OTCv8. Everything on Greed is unique content, you start in a fresh brand-new map made from scratch. The gameplay is very fast, you will have two teleport rooms each one corresponding to our main cities, Kilika and Mi'hen. You will also recognize a few parts of real-map places that have been added to our map, such as Roshamuul, Krailos, Formorgar, or quests such as Pits of Inferno, Wrath of Emperor, just to say some on them...



We have many! many! LUA systems in Greed. They're implemented to make game experience more fast and accurate. We have many real-tibia quests adapted to Greed Online, in addition to the 25 daily quests and normal quests distributed on the map.

Greed Online wanted to keep 8.6 protocol. That's why we took and downgraded some content from Tibia 12, and others, but, without changing the essence of 8.6. We also remind that the server is mechanically 8.6, this means that all the spells are from this protocol version.

It's important to know that Greed it's been built with lot of passion and hard work. I have a second game-master which I trust, so the staff is officially GM Ralke (creator) and GM Heff (community assistant). We're always on Greed's discord trying to solve questions and reports that comes from players. We want to be a solid server with great staff response. So please, feedback and rate us constantly!. To play you must download the client from the website, it comes with OTCv8 and all features that the most of you might know. Be aware that you won't be able to enter to the server by using other clients.

Thanks for reading, be prepared to join us at 30 June 2022 (10:00 a.m GMT-4 Chile)
Regards, Ralke!

posted by GM Ralke

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