Greed Online
Greed Online | Server Information
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Experience Stages By Level
1 to 30 31 to 60 61 to 90 91 to 120 121 to 150 151 to 180 181 to 210 211 to 250 251+
20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 3
Skills rate Magic rate Loot rate
4 3 3
PvP information
World type pvp
Hotkey aimbot Yes
Protection level 1
Kills to red skull 3
Remove rune charges Yes
Time to decrease frags 1 day
Experience by killing players No
White skull duration 7 minutes
Protection zone lock (non lethal attack) 1 minute
Stair jump exhaust 2 seconds
Other information
Free premium No
House rent period never
House SQM price 1000 gp
AFK kickout 30 minutes
One player online per account Yes
Max players online server limit Unlimited
Allow outfit change Yes
Stamina system Yes
Blessing of the Inquisition 1.1% gold cost
Common Blessings 1.3% gold cost
Frecuently Asked Questions
Is bot allowed? Yes
Is the client and server bot protected? No
Which bot is included on game-client? OTCv8
Does the server have a custom map? Yes
How many cities does the map have? Two. Kilika and Mi'hen. Each city has they own teleport room, deposit, temple, training rooms and entrance to PVP arena.
You can only enter game by using Greed client? Yes
Is runemaking cost decreased? Yes. To the 50%.
Is twist of fate blessing enabled? Yes. They can be bought in the NPC Amanda (Kilika) or Alia (Mi'hen)
How shared experience works? The level of the lowest character in the party must be at least 2/3 the level of the highest character in the party (that means for example, level 40 and level 60 can still share, levels 200 and 300 can also share)
How the PVP arena works? Kilika and Mi'hen residenced citizens has their own entrance to the arena. Inside the arena, everyone will receive damage, except from players in party. This arena also won't let players spend runes, ammunitions, or potions. By the other hand, no one can gain skills or magic level inside the arena.
How is blessing cost calculated? The quickest way for players of level 30–120 to find out how much is needed for the 5 regular blessings is to simply subtract 20 from their level, and they get the amount in thousands of gold needed. After level 120, all blessings are the same price. Example for a level 75 player: (75-20)=55, hence, 55000 gold for the 5 regular blessings.
What happen if I die as red skull player? A red skulled player will not have any protection against item loss and will still pay full price for all blessings.
Players: 1