Greed Online
Welcome to Greed Online!

  Alpha started

Greed Online alpha is opened. For this alpha, will be testing all the features with the players who start joining the server. All the feedback can be received on our social networks, specially discord server that is

To play Greed, you must download the client from our website at the Downloads page and register a new account and character. The server it's been made with love and effort, we appreciate your participation. Let the alpha begin!

posted by GOD Ralke

  What is Greed?

Greed Online is a multiplayer online role-playing game based in Open-Tibia, that has been developed and tested by Ralke. It's engine has been forged and updated according to The Forgotten Server updates, creating a bug-free Tibia 8.6 enviroment with the lastest engine features.

The game client is very powerfull aswell, it's been done using OTClient, an open-source project that let us build amazing features such as extended viewport (widescreen), log in cinematics, extended sprites, music ambience module, and the best game performance.

There's some version downgrades from Tibia 12 included in Greed, such as monsters, hunting maps, and items. We also have a huge -made from scratch- map where you can be inmersed in a whole new OT experience with two main cities. It's names are: Kilika, and Mi'hen.    

posted by GOD Ralke

Players: 4